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Beating Buyers; What We Do to Win Multiple Offers As a Buyer’s Agent

Beating Buyers; What We Do to Win Multiple Offers As a Buyer’s Agent

As we approach our peak purchase season, best positioning our buyers to win out in multiple offer scenarios is a concern that experiences a great deal of growth. In this video, Andrew Cavasos sheds light on what we as a group do to bring our clients to the finish line, and why this is just another area in which a little extra effort goes a long way to ensure our clients’ successes as home buyers. 

In these situations, differentiating our buyers from the run of the mill competition is key. This is what has given our agents a 70% success rate in these scenarios, as opposed to the 20% average.

So, what’s the secret? 

What we do to set our buyer apart is all in relationship building, which we pursue and establish through 3 avenues: agent to agent, lender to agent, and buyer to seller.

With respect to the agent to agent relationship, proactivity is key. In order to get and stay on the listing agent’s radar, our agents are proactively reaching out and explaining what makes out clients the BEST possible fit for the seller and his or her property. Beyond this, we are in the business of building our own relationships with the listing agent in order to put their minds at ease with the realization that they are dealing with a proactive team dedicated to easing the property exchange with professional and attentive service.

The next avenue is, of course, lender to listing agent. We want to set the seller and their representation to understand that our client is qualified to make the purchase and take care of their home. One quick call from they buyer’s lender is all that it takes to accomplish this. 

And, lastly, we again place the ball in our buyers court by advising that they send a personalized letter to the seller, explaining their vision for the home, the features of it that they love, and why it is that they can truly envision themselves making a life and memories in the home. We find that this very personal form of communication goes above and beyond the call in clearing the radar of other offers and sets our client apart as the buyer that ultimately makes a life in the home. 

For more specific information, check out Andrew’s video, and, as always, please reach out for anything that you may be curious about. 

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