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What’s the Value in Our ISA’s?

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A lot of you have taken our leverage lead generation class or you’ve hired a phone animal from us, so we wanted to send this message out today to help you push appointment setting.

Our ISA’s successes or failures weigh on how many appointments they are setting. Here at The Heyl Group, we like to focus on the nurtures and quality seller opportunities we can put in the pipeline for future follow-up.


What we found is that we can’t really control the motivation of the seller. We can get them to meet with us (150 in one month), but in the end we only ended up going on 50 of these appointments. We had to cancel a ton of appointments and deal with the hassle that comes with that. We had a lot of wasted time. The value in the ISA, we found, is constantly filling the pipeline each day with highly qualified leads and focusing hard on doing that over anything else.

Once you’ve got those leads in the pipeline, you can leverage your agents. If you want to chat about that, I’m happy to any time. Just give me a call, send me an email, or send me a message on Facebook. I look forward to speaking with you!

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3 Responses to “What’s the Value in Our ISA’s?”

  • Peter Kim

    Written on

    Hey Tim,
    Took your class LLG earlier. Very helpful. Kind of at a place now where the market is slowing down and wanting to boost business back up. I do have people to call for me, just wondering what numbers to call. I am still a mega agent status and yet, I feel there is still much to go this year.
    I hear expireds are the key numbers (old ones). Any suggestions on other lead sources that are actually converting and closing? Zillow? tiger leads? listing leads?



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